Questions You Should Never Ask on a First Date

Being in a committed relationship can be tough, but reentering the dating world can be even harder. Going on a first date can be frightening and intimidating, and simply finding something to talk about is often one of the biggest challenges.

Often knowing what not to say can be just as big an obstacle. Some questions are simply not appropriate when dealing with someone you have just met. Whether you are have been navigating the dating scene for years or are just jumping back into the pool, you should probably avoid these questions on the first date.

1 – How Much Money Do You Make?
This can be a tempting question to ask, especially if you have a home and family on your mind, but it is not appropriate to ask your date how much he or she makes the first time out.

It is appropriate, however, to ask general questions about your date’s work and career, and you may be able to make a few inferences based on that information. Try to avoid making sweeping generalizations about a date’s income based on outward appearances. That brand new BMW could mean your date is in the top 1 percent of earners, or that he is deeply in debt.

2 – What Do Your Parents Do for a Living?
This could be an appropriate question for a first date, but it is easy for your date to misinterpret your intentions. You might simply be curious about your date’s background and experience, but your date may think you are trolling for financial information.

It is best to avoid this type of question until later in the relationship. If you are curious about your date’s background, stick to general things like where your date grew up and where he or she went to school.

3 – Do You Think Your Family Would Like Me?
This question could cause your date to spray wine all over the table, or at least flee the restaurant. Even if you think you two are perfectly compatible, your date may not yet be picturing a marriage and children.

If things go well, you will eventually want to make a good impression on your date’s family, but the first date is not the time to broach the subject. You need to spend some time getting to know one another and not worry about other family members too quickly.

4 – Are You on a Diet?
This is a bad question on so many levels. Asking such a question could be interpreted as a dig about your date’s weight, even if it was not intended that way. Weight is a sensitive subject under the best of circumstances; bringing it up in the context of a first date is a recipe for disaster.

If your date orders the salad or a piece of grilled fish, just accept that as a dietary choice. You will have plenty of other dates and plenty of other chances to explore culinary options together.


by beconrad