Second Love is Better Than the First

When I was a kid, I believed all that BS about Prince Charming and one true love. When I did fall in love for the first time, real love, not just a crush, I thought I had the world was mine. There was no end in sight to what I thought was forever. Every sweet moment was one I would treasure in my heart always. I would replay those moments over and over in my head. He was my Romeo and me his Juliet.

Then the fairy tale ended, and drama ensued, but I still lingered in the Utopian world that I had made for us. We would stop talking, only for a week at first and I would make excuses. We would argue, but the tension would subside and then there would be smooth sailing once again. Each break lasted longer than the previous one. Yet, he kept coming back, so I kept believing in my vision of us together.

We would tell each other that we just needed some space, so there were others in between our bouts of exclusivity. I learned from those partners as well. They either gave me hope for what I could teach my love to do, or they gave me a reason to get back with my love. The experience of my first, tumultuous love trained me to keep seeing Prince Charming in each guy.

Everyone says that you never forget your first love, that you always have a spot for them in your heart. My first love and I kept that spot way too long.

Until finally we didn’t.