Stop Dating Bad Boys and Attract the Love You Deserve!

I started attracting (and, more importantly, being attracted to) the boring, nice guys I used to turn my nose up at. You know, the loyal, affectionate, reliable, successful, fun ones that do their share in a relationship.

And guess what? I stopped being miserable, nervous, jealous, and paranoid. I changed so much that a friend’s father commented, “What happened to you? You used to be so depressed all the time.”

But enough about me. What about you?

If you’re continually attracting bad men, you have a problem. Bad men are attracted to women they perceive they can abuse, emotionally or physically. Are you up for abuse?

If so, why?

Sit down, pour a cup of tea, and have a good chat with yourself. Why do you attract losers? Why do you find them attractive? If you find good men boring or ‘too safe,’ what does that say about you? Are you afraid of a real relationship?


Write your answers on a piece of paper. Give them some thought. Ask yourself what kind of man would give you the peace and joy you truly deserve. Write that down, too. Use your second list as a litmus test. The next time you date a guy, ask yourself if he possesses the qualities to be a positive force in your life.

Ask yourself if you’re happy (not everybody is, you know). If your answer is yes, that’s great. If your answer is no, ask yourself why.