Stop Scaring Your Dates Away

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  • Three dates in and you have already changed your Facebook status. In fact, you are now talking to him about marriage and babies. Phew…talk about going from 0-100 real fast! You haven’t even given him time to figure out what he likes about you or if he likes you. Give yourself space to enjoy your blossoming romance. In time you will talk about where your relationship stands. Or maybe you won’t. But remember you are not a couple until you are a couple!

    1. Sharing sexual history too soon

    Sex is a delicate subject. Some guys figure that a woman is a slut if she has slept with more than one guy. Some prefer to date virgins and others don’t care how many guys you’ve slept with. Bottom line is: it’s an uncomfortable subject to discuss with a guy you’ve known for only a few dates.

    Whatever you do, don’t ever tell a guy your sexcapades unless it turns him on or he asks. He doesn’t want to hear how you slept with 26 guys in 26 days for 26 minutes. Save that talk for your girlfriends.

    Now you know what not to do during the first few dates of your relationship. These tips could help you avoid some major pitfalls that could end a new relationship before it even starts. -Jackline K.