Would You Tell Your Friend Her Man is Cheating on Her?

Sometimes they do kill the messenger. 

You have been friends with your girlfriend since you were little kids. You share secrets, you are there for each other during sad times, you do the craziest shit together and sometimes fight about the most stupid things. However, you recently found out that your best friend’s man is cheating on her and you are wondering if you should you tell her or not

It’s a real dilemma. For most people, telling their best friend that her man is cheating on her is a no-brainer. It’s something they wouldn’t hesitate to do. But before you pick up the phone to call your friend and tell her what her man has been up to, consider these two scenarios:

Scenario one

Lucy walks in on her best friend’s man having sex with a co-worker in his office. She is both horrified and disgusted by him. The husband begs her not to tell his wife but Lucy knows she can’t keep such a thing from her best friend.

So she plans a coffee date with her best friend and breaks the news to her. Her best friend is of course hurt and embarrassed that she had to find out about her husband’s affair from someone else.

Lucy is glad that her best friend isn’t in the dark anymore about what her husband has been doing. She’s played her role as a best friend and she’s proud of it.

But a week later, she receives a text message from her best friend telling her that she no longer wants to remain friends with her.

She has decided to work on her marriage and being friends with her would only be a constant reminder of what happened.

If only she’d kept her mouth shut, the affair would have fizzled out and everything would have remained normal. But since she couldn’t keep the affair to herself, her marriage is on the rocks and it would take her a long time to get over what happened.

Lucy of course didn’t expect to get such a text from her best friend. She honestly thought she was doing the right thing but clearly, she’d made the wrong move. Five years down the line and she has never heard from her best friend. She stopped visiting their favorite spots and from what she hears from friends, they are still married and everything is normal.

Scenario 2

Lucy walks in on her best friend’s husband having sex with a co-worker in the office. He begs her not to tell his wife about what she’d just witnessed. She’s both disgusted and horrified by him and she knows she has to tell her best friend about her husband’s affair.

She however decides not to tell her. After all, she doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news or break up a happy home. So she decides to let her best friend find out for herself.

A few weeks later, her best friend calls her asking her to come over. Lucy drops everything she is doing and rushes over to her house because she sounded hysterical over the phone.

She finds her packing her stuff. Her husband had told her about the affair and she wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Lucy reveals to her that she knew about the affair but she didn’t want to tell her because she didn’t want to ruin the marriage.

Her best friend is devastated by the fact that Lucy knew about the affair and didn’t tell her. They are best friends for Pete’s sake. Best friends don’t hide such stuff from each other.

Their friendship didn’t end but Lucy can tell that it isn’t the same again after what happened.

Over to you

To tell or not to tell? You never know what might happen when you tell your best friend about her man’s affair or when you hide it from her. She might appreciate it or she might resent you for the rest of her life.

However, we’ll tell you one thing…

If you don’t have solid proof that your friend’s man is cheating on her, keep your suspicions to yourself. But if you have solid proof, whatever you decide to do with it, you should be prepared for the consequences. – Lisa P.