“The Other Woman”

I don’t bore him with money problems or problems with the kids, I don’t ask him to do stuff around my house or whine or complain or make him feel like less of a man the way you do. I don’t have to take care of him when he’s sick, we talk and laugh and actually ENJOY each other, you are the one who signed up to be his slave not me!! Your man feels defeated and just wants someone to talk to… someone to connect with temporarily so he can get away from the daily stresses and responsibilities that you have put upon him… all while never showing him any appreciation for his efforts. He feels unappreciated so he runs to someone like me who will build up his confidence again.

I am a friend to lend an ear. To listen to him, to make him feel like even if for a moment, that he is someone special. Most guys will never go off and admit these things or say this because they fear it’s not a “manly” thing to do, but this is definitely another reason why men cheat so they can find an escape to build themselves back up again after women like you’ve beat them down so badly. I pay attention to him and give him what he needs, you NAG!! Nobody wants to feel like shit and most people tend to respond more positively when they are addressed positively.