“The Other Woman”

Sometimes there are just guys out there that are douche bags. They have a good woman at home but for some reason they still stray. I really could care less. You mean nothing to me, your kids even less. You are the one who committed to this asshole and stays with him not me!! Every man loves a strong and independent woman who he knows would leave him in a heartbeat if it came down to it, but once you have your man feeling too comfortable he’s no longer going to go out of his way to do things for you like he once did.

These men are just looking for someone fun, sexy, and drama free…. A quick escape with someone who could give them what they need, but at the same time won’t tie them down or nag them about stuff. A friend. A confidante. A sex Goddess. You are none of those things, I am all of them!! SUCKS TO BE YOU!!