Things NEVER to Tolerate in Your Relationship

Being married does not give your spouse the right to criticize your appearance or make you feel miserable about yourself. Body shaming occurs when someone calls you rude names based on how you look. They may say you are “too fat” or “too skinny” or tell you that you need “more makeup” or constantly point out your flaws, which is disgusting. Constantly judging you for the number of sexual partners that you have had in the past is another form of shaming that you should not tolerate, whether you are married or not.

13. Flirting with other people

It’s normal if your partner notices attractive people. However, there is a difference in appreciating other people from a safe distance, and taking their appreciation one step further by flirting with them, despite being married you. If you see that they are going all out with their flirting, you have to put your foot down.

14. Lying

Lying is nothing but a prelude to much more serious problems, such as cheating. Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, and you have to trust each other completely to maintain a healthy and successful marital life. When you see your husband is constantly lying to you, whether, about small things or big things, you should realize that they are probably doing something else wrong.

In most relationships there are red flags that indicate something is wrong, do not turn a blind eye to these signs.  Doing so can hinder your peace of mind, dignity, and your marriage. If your spouse cannot maintain basic etiquette and treatment that everyone deserves, then there is no point continuing and subjecting yourself to that sort of torture.

How you remedy the problems is up to you.  Communication, counseling or therapy could bring about positive change.  But if they don’t work drastic measures may be necessary. However, it is undeniable that you should not sit back and tolerate negative or even abusive behaviors that are occurring in your marriage. – C. Sky