Tips On Dating A Guy Younger Than You

There is nothing wrong with older women dating younger men as long as the guy is legally an adult. Many celebrities such as Madonna, Demi Moore and Mariah Carey are dating (or have dated) guys younger than them. There’s just something about dating a younger guy that is so appealing and exciting. Younger guys are more energetic, fun and they have a certain amount of respect that differs from the older guys. So if you want to jump into the kiddie pool, here are some tips to help you make the relationship work out.

Be ready to deal with the difference in maturity

Let’s be honest; a guy who’s younger than you obviously doesn’t have a lot of experience and we are not talking about sexual experience here. He likely does not understand the problems you are dealing with. In fact, he won’t take your problems seriously. So instead of getting frustrated, take a step back and try to look at things from his point of view. It will save you a lot of energy.

Be prepared to deal with lack of experience

Most young guys don’t have much experience when it comes to handling a relationship. They don’t know how a relationship should work, how partners should communicate and intimacy within a relationship. You will have to be really patient with young guys as they learn the Dos and Don’t’s of dating. The good news is that younger men are less emotionally guarded and have a cleaner slate thanks to their inexperience. Together you can design your own romance and transform your relationship from a casual fling to a serious thing.

Be prepared for differences

This is not necessarily a bad thing. The way a younger man views life is way different than how an older woman views it. They make you see things differently and in the process you learn new things. While this is good for your relationship, it doesn’t mean that you should choose a guy who is the complete opposite of who you are. Find a guy who has enough differences to excite you and enough commonality to connect with you.

Not all young guys are easy prey

You know, TV has put it in our heads that it’s easy for an older woman to control a young guy. Young guys might be inexperienced and a little immature but that doesn’t mean all of them can be easily manipulated. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dating a young alpha male who is more enlightened than you anticipated. Don’t waste your time trying to find a guy you can toy around with unless of course you are not looking for a serious relationship. Otherwise, let your man be himself.

Young guys are not sexually naïve

Unless you are dating a ten year old (gross, we hope you aren’t), many young men are sexually experienced. In fact, most of them have been sexually active since they were teenagers and they can be very creative in the bedroom. So just because he is young, it doesn’t mean that he is bad at sex.

There’s this notion that older men know how to please a woman better but that’s not entirely true. We bet this is just a rumor started by older men. When it comes to sex, being older doesn’t mean having more experience.

Expect the unexpected

This is the best part about dating a younger guy. Younger guys come from a different generation where they believe in women empowerment. So he will respect and admire you as a strong, confident woman. Older men come from a generation where they are taught that female empowerment isn’t important. In fact, most of them perceive women as accessories instead of as equals. This means that you have to work extra hard to prove yourself and the sad part is that they may never accept you as an equal.

Societal changes have made it possible for women to increase their opportunities for true love and romance. Not so long ago, people thought it was very weird for an older woman to date a younger man but nowadays not so much. As long as there’s a spark of romance that blossoms between you and your man, age is simply nothing but a number. The guidelines we have given you should prepare you for any possibilities that could arise in your relationship.

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