Types NOT to Date

While a little younger is okay, dating someone over seven years younger is way off. Eventually, the HOT sex will cool off, and you will have a generational communication gap. This breakdown will, in turn, lead to the time when you ask him something about his day over dinner, and he gives you the cursory teen nod and ‘okay’ mumble- and wham, it dawns on you- you are his mom!

4. The prettier than you type

When you have to fight for bathroom time because he does more fussing, fluffing and preening than you that’s a type you shouldn’t be falling for! This one will hog your shopping sagas, take the mirror for himself and maybe, compete with you in doing his hair! Only a matter of time until this obsession begins to spill over into other areas- and you don’t want that!

5. The constantly talks about his ‘crazy’ ex type

If you have caught hold of this one, just remember you will soon be on the same list. If you are nowhere near crazy, he will find you, drive you up the wall, round the bend and push you into near distraction. Once he’s done that, you have been driven crazy- he can make an ex out of! Mission accomplished!

6. The can’t hold a conversation type

This kind is a total waste of time. He will simply sit across the table, staring at his coffee, oblivious to the fact that he’s has nothing. NOTHING! I mean, c’mon, if silence was all I wanted out of a date, I could be home on my couch, enjoying one of my favorite “toys.”

7. The answers almost every question with ‘whatever’ type