What He Thinks When You Sleep With Him On The First Date

“Wow, That Was Fun!”

When you jump right into the sack, especially with someone that you don’t know that well, all they are going to have to think about is their experience. Men and women both are capable of having one night stands with people they don’t know well, and when you don’t have a personal connection yet, mostly you focus on how good the sex was in terms of mechanics. Sometimes, he’s lying there thinking about how you rocked his world!

“Wow, Does She Think Less of Me?”

Guys get insecure too, and if you jump his bones on the first date, he might get the idea that he’s not that important to you. Some guys think that they’re the second coming (get it?) if you sleep with them on the first date, but there are plenty of guys who wonder if they are your disposable bit of fun. Some of them are okay with it, some of them aren’t, so make sure you know which is which before you engage your warp drive.

“Is She the One?”

There are some guys that think that letting them into the cookie jar means something more, and then there are the guys who think that banging is the be all, end all of relationships. Watch out for these guys because they will cling tighter than a pair of leggings if you let them. If you want more, say so, but reinforce your boundaries and be willing to figure out what kind you really want.

“Will She Have Breakfast With Me?”

The morning after a great night before, most of us get pretty hungry! It’s always a good sign when you want to get food together as well as spend the night, so think about how much you like this guy, and consider having an English muffin with him.

“Never Gonna See Her Again”

According to a Cosmopolitan survey, only about 33% of men think less of a woman who give it up on the first date. Cosmo has nothing good to say about these guys, and neither do we. If just three in ten guys have issues with a woman who wants to have fun on her terms, we’ll pass, thanks. By Carla Zach