Why Do Men Cheat?

The Aftermath of Ashley Madison –

One of the hottest topics in the news lately has been the Ashley Madison hacker breach. The hackers made off with the personal information on millions of customers on the site.  The goal of the hackers were to shut the site down, but the site still seems to be thriving and gaining new members (mostly male).

Now, the Ashley Madison site is in business to provide a place for those seeking extramarital (and any kind, I suppose) affairs. The criticism against Ashley Madison is that it’s not able to provide what it pretends to, willing female cheaters.  There was a lot of gloating going on after this hack. Mostly by people who feel: “Well, they shouldn’t have been so stupid.”  Some have even claimed that it’s all “male stupidity” – since men are clearly ignorant brutes in search of a quick get-laid opportunity.  Are men simply getting what they deserve?

Let’s get this out there right off the bat – Men are not the only “cheaters” in the dating and relationship game.  However, due to a man’s higher sex drive, he’s more likely to stray outside his relationship if his needs aren’t getting met.  This leads to a lot of misunderstandings – and a lot of unfortunate behavior.