Why Hasn’t He Asked Me to Be His Wife Yet?

The way women think about marriage, is different from how men think about it. Women fantasize about a fairy tale wedding and saying “I do” in front of loved ones while men aren’t as enthusiastic about weddings. But why do some men take too long to put a ring on it or worse…why do they never put a ring on it despite the fact that they’ve been with this woman for years? We have a few reasons:

You’ve never given him a reason to propose

You moved in together, have three kids with him, you perform wifely duties for him and you even spilt the bills. Well guess what, the guy is comfortable and doesn’t see why he should spend money getting you a ring. He already has enough on his plate what with taking care of three kids so spending money on a ring, let alone a wedding sounds stupid or unnecessary for him. Besides, why should he buy the cow when he’s already getting the milk for free? Yeah, ladies, we said it.

He is still trying to make it in life

Maybe he hasn’t gotten to where he wants to be in life. Maybe he’s still working on his career, he is trying to pay of his student loans, he is trying to finish school, or he still lives with his parents. If your man is still in the process of getting his life together, you might have to wait a little longer for that proposal.

He is a commitment phobe

Maybe he had a bad experience committing to an ex before or he just can’t picture himself settling down with one woman for the rest of his life. The good news is that commitment issues can be solved but it will take a lot of time and effort.

He is busy

Life can get unbelievably busy. So busy that your man can’t spare a moment to shop for an engagement ring let alone start to plan for a wedding. Sit down and think for a moment. Is your man going through something at work right now? Is he trying to make partner at his law firm? Is he working his butt off to get a promotion? If he has a few things going on in his life, then maybe you can wait a few more months.

He can’t afford a wedding

If he is in debt, or he is paying for his siblings tuition or his money is somehow committed elsewhere, he might not be in a position to give you the wedding of your dreams or even buy you a decent engagement ring.

He has another girlfriend/wife

Yep, you might just be his side piece. Men who travel a lot can maintain two families without either of the women ever finding out. So if he is hesitant to commit to you, you might want to take a closer look at his life. Is he secretive about his whereabouts? Does he avoid taking your calls during certain times? Does he switch off his phone when he’s with you?

He might be unsure about your relationship

Maybe he doesn’t see himself spending the rest of his life with you. He doesn’t see you as “the one”. It’s harsh but a guy can date a woman for ten years and never marry her but soon after they break up, he meets another woman and they get engaged within six months. Reason being, the other woman was the one.

He’s afraid of being a dad

When most people get married, they usually want kids. Your man knows you want to have his babies someday but he is not sure he is going to be a good dad to them. Even if he is financially stable or at a good place in his life, he might still be afraid of becoming a dad.

He doesn’t want to lose his freedom

He might not be ready to leave the club life or getting turnt with his friends. This usually happens when a guy has more single friends than married friends. He doesn’t want to be the guy that gets married when all his friends are still single. And guys often consider their friends’ opinions when making decisions. So when he sees most of his friends are getting married, he might just decide to marry you too.

So should you wait around until your man is ready to propose? How long should you wait? We suggest that you trust your instincts. Don’t waste the good years of your life waiting for a guy to propose. There are plenty of good men who are looking for someone to settle down with.  Click here to find out more information.