Why He Chose The Boss Bitch Over You

You are the nicest woman any guy will ever meet. You are generous, you have your career on the right track, you are smart and your sense of style is over the top but despite your great qualities, your beau left you for Jackie. What irks you is that Jackie is such a bitch. She is so mean to guys. She treats them like trash but somehow they are always all over her like white on rice. What is it about her that makes men like her so much? Is it witchcraft? Well, we’ll share with you why Jackie gets all the guys despite the fact that she is a boss bitch.

The boss bitch doesn’t care

She doesn’t care what you think about her. She lives by one rule:

“If you don’t feed her or pay her bills your opinion doesn’t matter”.

You can’t put her down because her self-esteem is pretty high. Confidence is sexy and men like that. They want a woman who doesn’t need approval from other people to feel beautiful or successful.

Sweet girls on the other hand care too much about what other people think. She will almost always second guess her decisions because she is afraid of stepping on other people’s toes.

The boss bitch says it like it is

If a man pulls some shit she doesn’t like she will call him out on it. In fact, if a guy ever tries to mess with her she will handle him. If a guy is dating a boss bitch, he knows she isn’t the type he can easily take advantage of so he knows better than to try and manipulate her.

A boss bitch can’t be controlled