Why I Refuse To Get Married Until I’m At Least 30

If you are ever going to get married, do it when you are 30. Believe it or not, love is not a good reason to get married when you are still in your twenties. A majority of marriages fail because people get married when they are too young. Sometimes you find people getting married when they are as young as 18. Well, I don’t believe in marrying young and here’s why:

I am still getting to know myself

Most people in their 20s don’t really know themselves. They are still exploring what life is all about. The things I liked at 18 or even the guys I dated back then are way different from what I like now. My taste has changed. Right now, I cannot even think of dating the guys I used to date when I was 18 or do some of the things I did at 18.

I’m growing older and I’m only beginning to know myself. I’m slowly starting to learn what I like and what bothers me. I’m 23 so if I get married now, I know in ten years things will have changed a lot. My partner will have changed and I may not like the person he will have changed into or we might just grow apart.

I’m still spreading my wings

I should be exploring the world in my twenties and meeting new people. This is the time to make mistakes and learn from them. In fact, it’s the time I should be doing crazy things like jumping on a plane with my friends and flying to Vegas just because I can.

I know getting married means giving up my freedom. My husband will expect me to stay at home and be a wife. I’m not yet ready to lose my freedom and be tied down to one man for the rest of my life. I don’t want to be that woman who starts trying out things she should have done in her twenties when she’s forty or fifty.

I’m still broke

I am not yet financially stable and I don’t want to depend on a man financially. I want things and my future husband will also want things. What happens when we both can’t afford these things? Will we start swimming in debt? What about when kids get into the picture? Marriage is not easy and getting married while broke makes things even harder.

I haven’t achieved my goals yet

I want to go solo until I achieve my goals. I’m in the process of starting my own business and getting married will make me lose focus. I know what most of you will say; I should get married to someone who supports my goals and dreams but starting a business will require me to spend long hours at work until my business kicks off. I will have less time for my husband and that won’t be good for our marriage. I’m just 23 so hopefully my business will have become successful by the time I’m 30.

I am not in a hurry

I don’t get why most women want to get married in a hurry. They are in such a hurry to get married and start popping kids they forget marriage is forever. It is not a two year contract or some event that will only happen for a few hours.

I am not in a hurry to snag some guy just because I feel he will “get away” if I don’t marry him. If he isn’t willing to stick around until I’m 30 then marrying him won’t guarantee that he will stick around forever. Besides, I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars in divorce.

Most of you probably won’t agree with my reasons for waiting to get married until I’m 30 but I feel my points are valid. Will I change my mind by the time I’m 25? Maybe. But at the moment, marriage is not for me and I don’t think it will be until I’m 30. I’m I dating? Yes, but I always let guys know that I don’t plan on getting into a serious relationship with them until I’m 30. Most guys think I’m joking or I’m crazy. -by Jackie K.