4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Confront His Side Chick

So you’ve found out that your guy is cheating and tracked down his side chick. Now you have to decide whether or not you should confront the other woman or should you just leave it alone and deal with your unfaithful guy? It’s a hard choice for some women who instinctively would want to contact the side chick to see what her side of the story is, but should you risk confronting her?

Here are a few reasons why you should simply deal with your cheating partner and leave his side chick out of it:

1. It can make the situation worse

If you confront the side chick, it can make the whole situation worse than it already is. You never know what type of woman she is and can be adding fuel to the fire and create an entirely bigger mess of your already messy relationship. She might be instigating and can put a monkey wrench in the whole situation.

2. You can’t trust what she says

The side chick might be a shady b*tch, so you can’t trust what she says. Your partner might say it only happened once, but she might create some huge lie and tell you it was more just because she wants him all to herself. You never know what her motives are so she can’t be trusted.

3. You might lose your cool and fight

If you meet up with the side chick, you might lose your cool and decide to punch her in the face for what happened. And she might just kick the crap out of you because she’s a scrapper and you’re not, so do you want to chance getting beat up by the side chick? If you can brawl and can hold your own, then this might not even be a factor, but for many women who have never gotten physical before, this can be a problem. Worst of all you can end up with a mug-shot and behind bars.

4. Don’t stoop to her level