10 Dramas That Don’t Necessarily Spell The End of A Relationship

Love can be a wonderful thing, but if you ask anyone whose relationship has lasted more than just a few months, you will find out that it’s also tough! The truth is if we let them relationship dramas can make us stronger. Instead of running away, see these challenges as opportunities for your personal growth and to make your relationship healthier. “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,” as the adage goes.

Long Distance

Another common adage is “distance makes the heart grow fonder” and there are studies that show that this isn’t far off the mark. Statistics Brain reports that 40% of long distance relationships fail, but that means that a mind-blowing 60% of long distance relationships succeed. To make a long distance relationship work, both partners has to be willing to put in the time and effort to make the connection and have a strong desire for it to be in the 60% column.


For many, cheating is seen as an automatic dumping zone. However, if necessary repairs are made in a positive way, sincere remorse, and true forgiveness happens, there is a chance for some amazing growth. Once they cheat, doesn’t ALWAYS mean they’ll cheat again. So if you decide to try and salvage the relationship proceed with good faith and a LOT of caution.

Money Troubles

The world runs on money, and it can also run your relationship if you let the drama get to you. Financial problems can arise if one person is a saver and the other is a spender. One partner lives for today, and the other don’t want to be eating dog food in their golden years.

Talk seriously about your different spending styles and how you plan to budget your finances.  Compromising in this area by both partners is a must to come to a happy medium. If necessary consult with a financial planner to alleviate some of the arguments that will probably happen when trying to plan a budget that you both can agree upon. But once the issue of finances has been settled your relationship will be more enjoyable and definitely have less drama.


Jealousy usually stems from a deeper problem in the relationship. If you trust your partner, you are less likely to become jealous of the people he is around. Once you realize that jealousy is a problem by either you or your partner talking about the issue with your partner and if necessary a relationship counselor can alleviate some of the problems and make your relationship stronger. After the green-eyed monster has been caged, your relationship will become less stressful.

Long Hours at Work

People love an ambitious, hard worker – except for their long-suffering partner. When hours at work pile up, resentment and loneliness can ensue. Figure out ways, and make the effort to spend quality time together. Make the time that you do spend together more memorable and special. The partner who is left at home can use the alone time to better themselves or find a hobby that they enjoy. Remember, you can’t depend on your partner for all your happiness!

Family Drama

Is his mother overbearing, nosy or even abusive? Is your father a grumpy sourpuss or outright think your partner is not good enough for you? Family issues have to be confronted, and you have to be willing to speak truthful, calmly and rationally about it. This drama cannot be left to resolve itself. It will only get worse if both parties are not willing to deal with it head-on. In the short-run, feelings may be hurt by the affected family members but in the long-run your relationship will have less drama.

Family is a hot-button topic that can destroy a relationship.  To save yourself a lot of heart-ache, take a moment to consider what kind of family issues need to be address before moving forward in the relationship.


This is one topic that definitely has to be talked about prior to moving forward in a relationship.  Whether they’re your kids, kids from your partner’s previous relationship, or kids you hope to have in the future, they can impact your lives together. Parenting decisions MUST be made united and not separately. Kids will play one parent against the other which will cause all kinds of drama. Remember always to maintain that united front, because kids are like lions, they always prey on the weakest.

Moving In Together

All of a sudden, you will realize what the other person is truly like, including everything that is wonderful about them as well as their flaws. Can you cope with discarded laundry on the floor and dishes that soak for days before being washed? The key to avoiding some of the drama is talking things out BEFORE you move in together. What are your expectations? Who will do which chores? Will we have a joint account for bill paying? How much will each person contribute to the monthly budget? These are just some of the questions that have to be answered for your relationship to avoid unnecessary drama


Do your best friend and your significant other clash? Whenever you see your partner’s friends do you roll your eyes? If so, you should be prepared for some friend drama. No one is saying that you have to spend a lot of time with your partner’s friends, or even like them. But you do have to be cordial when his friends are around. Just as he has to respect your friends. Communicating with your partner about what bothers you about his friends (or vice versa) but making an effort to get along with them will go a long way in lessening the drama that friends can cause.


Some people believe that vegetarians and meat eaters can’t co-exist. We say differently, but that it requires an extensive amount of work! The more serious a relationship gets, the more time you will spend together. If you can respect your partner’s dietary choice and not try to force them to change to accommodate yours, your relationship can flourish. But this will take a toll on your budget, not to mention your fridge!

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