10 Mistakes That Are Blowing Your Chances With Him

Finding a great guy is hard enough, but hanging on to him can be even harder. If the good guys have a habit of slipping through your fingers, you might need to look at what you have been doing. You may be making some simple but potentially devastating mistakes. Here are 10 things you could be doing to chase him away and kill your chance at a great relationship.
#1. Moving Too Fast
Nothing will chase a guy away as fast as a girlfriend who moves too fast. If it is your second date and you are already planning the wedding, you might want to take a step back and slow things down just a tad. If he is really a good guy and the relationship is a good one, things will proceed at their own pace.

#2. Taking Him for Granted
No one likes to be taken for granted, and being treated like part of the furniture can be particularly grating for many men. Take time to let him know how much he is loved and appreciated; he may be more willing to stick around.

#3. Treating Him Like Your Servant
He is your boyfriend – not your assistant. There is nothing wrong with asking him to help out around the house, but treating him like the hired help is sure to send him fleeing.

#4. Being Overly Jealous
It is easy to be jealous, especially when your boyfriend is smoking hot. Even so, no one wants a crazy jealous girlfriend, and being one is not likely to get you any points. Learn to tell the difference between normal male behavior like stealing a furtive glance and really worrying things like sneaking around behind your back.
#5. Using Sex as a Weapon
Sex should be an expression of your love, not a weapon you use to control him. If you withhold sex for his every infraction, you might want to rethink the way you are approaching the relationship.


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#6. Talking About Your Ex
Talking about your ex can be quite disconcerting to the guy who currently holds the boyfriend position. If you say great things about your ex, he might worry you plan to go back. If you constantly badmouth your ex-boyfriend, he may wonder what you will say about him if you break up.

#7. Planning the Birth of Your First Born
If you are already talking about marriage, your boyfriend probably will not be scared off by your fertility. If the relationship is still in its early stages, however, all that baby talk can be pretty frightening.
#8. Complaining About His Friends
His friends were there for him before you came along, and if you are not careful they will be there after you as well. If all he does is hang out with the guys, you have every right to complain. If all he wants is an occasional night out, suck it up and keep your feelings to yourself.

#9. Not Getting Along with His Parents
His parents were around even longer than his friends, so getting along with them is important. You do not have to love his parents, but maintaining a civil relationship is a very smart move. After all, they could be your in-laws some day.

#10. Being Too Possessive
He is your boyfriend – not your property. If you want to chase your boyfriend away, just start micromanaging his life. Any good relationship needs a healthy dose of trust, and keeping tabs on him all the time just tells him you do not trust him.