10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Marry Your Boyfriend

Love is not always the best reason to marry someone. There are many other aspects of a person and relationship to look at before you decide to take this big step in your life. This article outlines ten reasons why you probably shouldn’t marry your boyfriend.

1.  He is spending himself into debt

If your boyfriend is already in debt, this could be a warning sign of things to come, especially if he’s not working himself out of the debt. If he doesn’t care about his debt and is only getting himself further into debt, this is not something you should marry into. Once you get married, his debt will become your debt, too. If he spends your family into debt, you will not have the security of saving for retirement, emergencies, and college funds. Remember, the way your boyfriend spends money will affect you as well once you’re married.

2.  Honesty Lacks In The Relationship

I think we can all agree that any great relationship is based on honesty. If you are uncomfortable sharing your thoughts and dreams with him, and if he is hiding a part of his life from you, the topic of marriage shouldn’t even come up. You can’t spend a lifetime afraid to express your feelings or wondering if he is straightforward with you. Marriage should be a commitment between two best friends, who hide nothing from each other no matter how awful it may be.

3.  He is Controlling