10 Reasons Why Your Breakup Was a Really Good Decision

Breaking off a relationship is never a joyous event and can be an extremely difficult decision to make, even when all the signs are pointing to the fact that you would be better off without him.  But if you had any of the issues below in your relationship, rest easy knowing that you made the right choice. Now you just have to take a deep breath and start moving on.

 1.  You didn’t feel like he supported your career goals. He may not have been overtly non-supportive, but it was the little things he did and said that told you he wasn’t on-board with your ambitions. He never wanted you to do better than him.

2.  You lost friends because of the relationship. Your friends and family were able to see his shortcomings way before you did. Some voiced their opinions, but you were not ready to open your eyes so some friendships suffered. The good news is, if they are true friends they will let you back into the circle.

3.  He considered himself superior to you. The two of you were never equals in his eyes. He always considered himself better than you and made you feel like you were lucky to have him.

4.  You didn’t feel comfortable around his family. His family was never happy about the relationship and made sure you knew it. But your man never stood up for you. No matter how much you tried to please his family, he always blamed you for the standoffishness of his family and started leaving out of family gatherings.