14 Ways to Know if Marriage is for You

Marriages should be matches made in heaven, or so they say. If that line just made you roll your eyes, marriage is perhaps not something you’re interested in.

No matter how much society has changed, it’s still thought that eventually you’re supposed to get married and settle down by a certain age.

But there are those who feel marriage is a distant thing if they think about it at all. The idea of marriage doesn’t excite them, nor do they care that society expects it of them. For some, getting married makes no sense at all; they are so happy being single! But then there are those who are confused, people who do want to get married but aren’t quite sure if they are ready to walk down the aisle. So what do you think – are you ready for marriage?

Here are 14 ways to know. Go ahead, open your mind and read on!

1. You cannot imagine sharing your personal space with anyone

If you are the kind of person who is very particular about your things, your personal space, and your time, then marriage is probably not for you. You have your way of doing things and keeping things just so. You value your space, and there’s probably no space for anyone else there.

2. You’re not much of a routine person

Yes, you set the alarm for 6 AM every day and also turn it off and sleep for another hour every day. More often than not, you reach your office at the last minute and sometimes you just ditch it all together. You do what you want when you want. For you, weekends are meant for sleeping and having a brunch and watching movies, only to wake up late the next morning again. Sounds familiar? If yes, then my friend, you better give a second thought to getting married because that sure is going to put your life into a routine!

3. Spontaneous is your middle name

You are spontaneous, impulsive, and do things in the moment. Whether it’s a last minute weekend get-a-way or late night party plans, you love to be spontaneous. You rarely make plans and have never purchased a 14-day advance airplane ticket in your life. You would quit your job tomorrow if you were to find a chance to pursue your passion. Or you might pack up and move to another state just because you read about it in a book. Marriage comes with a bag of responsibilities, and if you are not ready to ditch your ‘in-the-moment’ mentality, then marriage is not for you!

4. You haven’t settled on a future yet

You are fresh out of college and have just started earning. You haven’t decided which direction you want to take on your future.  Should you pursue a higher degree, continue working with the same company, or move to another state for better opportunities. Or perhaps you would want to become a writer or an actor for all you know, because right now, you don’t really know. And that is perfectly fine. It takes a person a long time to figure out what they want in life. So no, you are not at all ready for marriage. In fact, it shouldn’t even be on your radar.

5. The thought of in-laws or kids, for that matter, freak you out

You think about your married friend complaining about her whining in-laws and how they have made her life a living hell. The idea of living with or even getting to know an entirely new family is pretty scary for you. The thought of having to deal with kid issues send you into a tailspin. If this is you, then you better stay away from tying the knot because all of the above are a part and parcel of the thing called marriage!

6. Your friends getting married don’t bother you at all

One of your closest friends just got married. You chose to wear a beautiful dress, had a scrumptious dinner and came back home without a care in the world. You didn’t even try to catch the bouquet. The innumerable social media posts about your friends getting married don’t bother you at all, and you happily scroll down the page. This is a sure sign you are not ready for marriage but are fully enjoying your single life!

7. You are a freedom loving person

“Nobody tells me what to do!” Is this motto tattooed on your brain? You make your own rules, and then bend them or break them when you want to. You don’t like have to explain yourself or answer to anyone. Your freedom is one of the most precious things in your life. You are not meant for this world and marriage is not meant for you!

8. You feel no pressure from your family to get married

You know your mother wants to see you in her old wedding dress.  Your dad can’t wait to hold his grandchild. You have heard about marriage in all its aspects since you can remember. But all these things aren’t daunting for you anymore, and you can happily give it a pass. Marriage pressure from family? What is that?!

9. You are doubtful about pulling off a long-term relationship

You cannot remember the last time you were with someone for more than three months. In fact, the number of partners you had in the last few years has been decreasing at a fast rate simply because you are not into a long term thing. If you are comfortable with just keeping things casual and have a difficult time sticking with someone, then marriage is not a good fit for you.

10. Marriage seems like a gilded cage

If you don’t like the idea of being bound to one person for an entire eternity, then don’t think about marriage at all. Marriage is not just another relationship that you can get out of just by walking out the door.  Divorces can be messy and are usually unpleasant.

11. You don’t need a piece of paper to validate your love

Yes, you have found the love of your life and want to spend the rest of your life with him, but why get married? If this kind of thought process matches your philosophy, then don’t change your ideology. If you think love goes beyond the confines of society or religion, then don’t do it just for the heck of it!

12. Just because

You don’t need a reason if you feel in your heart of hearts that you are not ready. It is a state of mind, and you don’t need to provide an explanation or justification to anyone. You are just not ready – your mind, body, and soul aren’t! You might want it someday, and will revisit the idea then, but not now.

13. The idea of a wedding doesn’t interest you or excite you

Fancy invitations, flamboyant wedding dresses, expensive decorations, and a honeymoon to an exotic location – if none of this brings a sparkle to your eye, then you are definitely not someone who wants to get married! And even if you do someday, you will probably keep it all low profile.

14. You are content just the way you are

Everything is just the way you want it right now – your job, your city, or even your apartment. You can manage to do everything in your life on your own without having to compromise. Chances are you want the life you have for a long time to come, so no, don’t even think about getting married because you are already so happy!

Marriage is a long-term bond and something that requires a commitment for a lifetime. So in case you think you don’t need it or don’t think that you are completely ready to get married, don’t do it! Never marry because others think it’s the next logical step. Marriage requires two individuals who are ready to commit to each other for life. Marriage or no marriage, in the end, the most important thing is to be happy. If you identify with any of the above signs, then you know that marriage is not your cup of tea, at least not right now. -C. Sky