15 Red Flags For Your Sex Life

Young man and woman in bed. Couple.There are plenty of relationship red flags, but you should definitely pay close attention to the bedroom specific ones. The following signs range from slightly worrying to huge anvils hitting you over your head, signaling that might someone else might be a better fit for you after all.

1. They make fun of your fantasies.

When someone laughs so hard at your earnest explanation of what you want that they get an actual ab workout, you probably won’t feel comfortable exploring the things that excite you the most. Why stay vanilla when there’s a whole Willy Wonka world of playful toppings out there? (Except that staying vanilla is totally fine if that’s what you’re into, because all flavors are wonderful. Really, the point is that getting it on and ice cream are similar in that even the most basic things can be delicious, as can the more…inventive.)

2. They don’t care if you come or not.

If it seems like they’d rather take their chances by bungee jumping over the fiery pits of hell than even trying to get you off, it’s time to run. The worst is when they’re so hot just looking at them basically brings you to the brink, and all you’d like is the teeniest bit of help, please and thank you

3. They make weird comments about your body.

Maybe they don’t think of stretch marks as badass tiger stripes and cellulite as adorable butt dimples, but anyone you do the deed with should be cool with the fact that no one’s perfect. If they haven’t gotten the memo, let them know that even Kim Kardashian has been real about things like armpit fat and stretch marks, and anyone in bed with you is luckier than a $2 bill.

4. Or you worry they will because of how they act.