17 Things To Do When Your Boyfriend is Right

And you don’t want to admit you were wrong.

Men and women both feel like they need to be right, especially in a relationship. We take a great deal of pride in not wanting to admit we’re wrong though. Admit it, girls. It’s happened to you too. Between us though, here’s how you handle it without having to let him win!

1. Ordering too much food. 

This happens almost always, when we’re starving and order take out or when we are eating out. I get really optimistic about what I can eat and there is food left over, then I remind him that I ordered so I can take the leftovers later!

2. Buying extra pieces of clothing.

I love T-shirts especially the funky cool graphic ones and every time I find a new design online I hit “Buy Now.” He tells me I don’t need any more tees but hey I need to buy new ones so I can donate the old ones! Who can argue with a do-gooder?!

3. When you don’t get dress up

You remember ticking off your boyfriend for wearing that old sports jersey wherever he goes? I do that a lot. And he makes it a point to remind me when I wear my favorite faded ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ tee. I just tell him how he has no clue about fashion and how faded look is in!

4. When you forget how to get to your friend’s house

He is driving and you are giving directions, but sometimes you give out the wrong directions even if you are supposed to know it so well. I just stop at a local store, get out of the car, buy something random and tell him I always wanted to go there! Problem solved!

5. When you get late for a movie

I am always complaining that I don’t get to watch the trailers as we get late. But this once, I was so busy shopping that we got late despite him giving me time updates. I just told him my watch was running slow!

6. When he tells me my boss is right