21 Things Everyone Deserves in a Relationship

Everyone deserves a happy, healthy relationship, but such a relationship is not easy to come by.  It takes work from both partners and respect for each other.  Below are some things that help contribute to a relationship that you would actually want.

1. Someone who can challenge you.

You should have a partner who knows they can disagree with you and give constructive criticism, so you can learn more about yourself every day and grow. The more you challenge each other, the more you’ll both grow–together.

2. And isn’t afraid to tell you when you’ve gone out of line.

Someone has to call you out for it!

3. But they don’t want to change you, because they love who you already are.

Is there anything better than feeling loved for who you really are?

4. Someone who answers a damn text.

No strange disappearing acts, he actually responds when you send him a message.

5. Someone who respects your differences.

Whether you have different political opinions or bizarre hobbies that they totally don’t get, an awesome partner may just love you even more for those quirks—even if they don’t share your opinion.

6. Someone who supports you in your dreams and goals.
If your own partner can’t be your cheerleader, who can?

7. Someone who makes you feel safe—emotionally and physically.

Someone who loves you should want you to feel cozy and secure with them, like coming home after a long day.

8. Someone whose eyes light up when you walk into the room.

In real life this is a lot more subtle than the movies, but it’s there. Watch for it!

9. A partner who understands the basic premise of compromise.
What a concept!

10. Someone who is honest with both you and with themselves.

It’s one thing to be dating someone who lies to you, but someone who lies to themselves is a whole other can of worms. If they can’t get real with themselves, they can’t get real with you.

11. A partner who is willing to laugh at life sometimes.