What to Do if You’re Being Ghosted

Ghosting means someone abruptly cuts off a relationship or stops responding to you.

Before social media, a guy you were dating would maybe just fall off the face of the planet one day and you had no idea where he was. Now with the advent of technology, a new version of this snubbing is called “ghosting”. It’s fueled heavily by technology and means someone abruptly cutting off a relationship or stops responding to you.

Since so much in person interaction has been replaced by our smartphones, it’s easier than ever to for these ‘ghosts’ to pretend you don’t exist.

It’s not just boyfriends who seem to disappear into thin air, either; friendships can die this way too. So we spoke to relationship experts about why these breakups can be so haunting—and got tips on how to heal.

1. Stay off social media.

Nothing salts a wound like watching an ex vacation with his new girlfriend through the flattering filter of Instagram or reading Facebook posts from the friend who won’t return your texts. “Don’t turn into a sleuth or stalker,” advises Dr. Irene Levine, a psychiatry professor at NYU Langone School of Medicine. “Being non-responsive speaks volumes about the other person’s interest. Obsessively following that individual will only make you feel worse about yourself.” It may be tempting to binge on his Twitter feed in an effort to feel closer to him, find clues on why he bailed, or simply satisfy your curiosity…but you’ll likely end up lonelier, with an epic emotional hangover.

2. Don’t demand an explanation.