3 Reasons to Give Quickies Another Chance

Stop knocking quickies!

There’s been a lot of discussion on how foreplay can be essential to keeping the sex exciting for both you and your partner, but there’s still something appealing about going for a quickie.

And it’s easy for them to get a cold shoulder.

Maybe they’re not the key to opening your heart deeply to someone, but they don’t take the same hours of planning, foreplay, and communication either.

And sometimes you don’t want to think, and you just want to be pushed up against a wall, or some other convenient surface, and had your partner have their way with you like some heated romance novel.

Maybe you and your partner are about to go to work, and the mood strikes you. Maybe they walk past you while you’re reading, and it’s in such a way that goes straight to your senses.

Or maybe you haven’t seen each other for nearly a week (or longer?), and you just want to be with them RIGHT NOW.

The reasons don’t matter. Quickies can be amazing.

Extended foreplay can be too but let us convince you to occasionally skip it. Here are the top three reasons you should consider adding quickies to your repertoire.

1. The absence of foreplay can be itself foreplay.

Imagine this: You step your way up to a ridiculously high-quality buffet where everything has been cooked by a world class chef.

Either you have three hours to browse, sample, and nibble on everything that’s available to you. It’s amazing, and you feel very fortunate. In the end, you’re satisfied and full.