3 Reasons Why So Many Relationships End Up Failing

There are times where not all of the relationship advice, relationship counseling, or relationship therapy in the world can help a failing relationship. Even if a couple starts out strong and sure that they will be together forever, sometimes things happen in life to lead to the relationship falling apart anyway. However, sometimes if you know what the main threats to a relationship are, it can help you stop them from destroying your next one.

3 Main Reasons Why Most Relationships End Up Failing

Loss of Affection

In the beginning it seems like you’ll love your partner forever. You can’t imagine a moment without them and when you think of the future they play a big part of it. Unfortunately, the initial depth of your love may not matter, because love can change over time. It may fade once the initial attraction has worn off and you grow to know their personality and habits more. It is also possible that you (or your partner) could find someone else that you care about more. Love can change and what was a passionate and exciting affection in the beginning may turn out to be more of a friendship or even an indifference in the end.

Financial Trouble