4 Possible Reasons He’s Ignoring Your Texts

It’s easy to come to your own conclusions about why a man is ignoring your texts, but assuming anything is always a bad idea. There are endless reasons why a man might not get back to you as quickly as you think he should. If he hasn’t replied for a number of days, here are four possible reasons why.

1. He has a significant other

It’s possible that if you met a man online and he tells you he’s single he might not really be. Unfortunately people lie. If the man you’ve been texting seems to disappear after work until late at night, it’s possible that he has a girlfriend or wife. He might stick to a very strict schedule for texting you because he’s hiding something from you and from the other woman in his life. Does he seem to disappear during the weekends and text you again from work on Monday? This could be a pretty clear sign that he has someone special in his life especially if he’s vague about details of what he did.

2. He’s busy