4 Reasons You Should Not Date Someone You Work With

Office romances happen quite often. It’s easy to connect with someone you work with because you spend so much time with them during the day. Office romances aren’t the smartest idea though. Even if you think you’re the perfect match and can remain professional, it can get messy very quickly. This article outlines four good reasons to avoid office romances.

1. People will gossip
If people know about your in-office romance, the chances of gossip making the rounds is very high. Other people will gossip about you and co-workers will come to both of you looking for details. If you thought this behavior ended in high-school, you’re in for a shock. People love romance, drama, and information that isn’t any of their business.

2. It might be against company policy
Dating within your company may actually be against the rules and could lead to you and/or your boyfriend being fired. It’s against the rules in many companies because of how messy it can become. Drama and lack of productivity are issues that employers want to avoid at all costs.

3. Too much togetherness