4 Signs He’s Not As Into You As You Think

Look at the entire package, his actions are telling you the truth.

If you’re truly into a guy, you might look at his positive actions and feel that he likes you as much. Because you like him, you might push aside the actions that are telling you, loudly and clearly, that he’s not that much into you. Here are four signs that the man you hope to have a relationship with probably doesn’t share your feelings.

1. He never texts during the day

If a man doesn’t text you until after 11 p.m., he’s probably not interested in you in a romantic way. He might be interested in you as a friend, but just because he’s interested in how your day went doesn’t mean he has deeper feelings for you. Chances are, he’s putting in his time so that he can be intimate with you. If he’s used to texting you only late at night, it’s because he knows he can. If you want to know if he sincerely cares about you, stop replying to those late-night texts. Reply in the morning and see what happens. If he begins texting during the day when things are not sexual, he might be interested in you. If he still doesn’t text until late at night, you know what he wants.

2. He disappears for days at a time