4 Signs He’s Not As Into You As You Think

Look at the entire package, his actions are telling you the truth.

If you’re truly into a guy, you might look at his positive actions and feel that he likes you as much. Because you like him, you might push aside the actions that are telling you, loudly and clearly, that he’s not that much into you. Here are four signs that the man you hope to have a relationship with probably doesn’t share your feelings.

1. He never texts during the day

If a man doesn’t text you until after 11 p.m., he’s probably not interested in you in a romantic way. He might be interested in you as a friend, but just because he’s interested in how your day went doesn’t mean he has deeper feelings for you. Chances are, he’s putting in his time so that he can be intimate with you. If he’s used to texting you only late at night, it’s because he knows he can. If you want to know if he sincerely cares about you, stop replying to those late-night texts. Reply in the morning and see what happens. If he begins texting during the day when things are not sexual, he might be interested in you. If he still doesn’t text until late at night, you know what he wants.

2. He disappears for days at a time

A man who is into you won’t disappear for days on end. If he does, he will come back with a good excuse for doing so. When a man isn’t into you, he can easily spend days away from you and come back acting as though nothing happened. Actions speak louder than words. Any man with a smartphone or computer will not have an excuse to disappear on a regular basis. If you allow him to sweet-talk you each time he comes back, he will continue to disappear and you’ll keep believing he’s cares. When he disappears constantly, he is telling you that your potential relationship isn’t a priority to him.

3. You haven’t met anyone in his life

If you’ve been seeing a man for a few months, you should be starting to meet the other people in his life if you haven’t already. You may not be ready to meet each other’s families yet, but that doesn’t mean friends should be off limits. Meeting a man’s friends is a big sign that you’re important in his life. If you ask him to hang out with you and your friends and he constantly declines, he’s probably not as into you as you think. He’s happy seeing just you, but doesn’t want your two lives co-mingling.

4. He asks for last-minute dates

If a man wants a date with you, he won’t wait until the last minute to ask you. If the man you’re interested in consistently asks you for last-minute dates, you can safely assume that other plans fell through and you’re a last resort. Expect more from the man you’re interested in. Don’t accept last-minute dates. If he’s truly interested in you, he will work harder to see you. He will learn that he needs to ask for dates earlier. If he doesn’t take the initiative, you have your answer.

When you like a man, you’re going to focus on his positive actions and words. If you want to know how he really feels, you need to pay attention to the moments when he’s not treating the way you deserve to be treated. Those moments mean as much as the positive ones. – Lisa P.