4 Signs You Are Being E-Maintained

If you’ve never heard the term e-maintained before, you may be surprised to find out it’s happening to you. Being e-maintained is a situation where you are kept interested and attached to someone with nothing more than periodic texts. This article outlines four signs that you are being e-maintained.

1. His texts are few and far between

You met a guy you connected with and started texting. Things might be hot and heavy for a while and then things slow down to the point where you rarely here from him. Every time he texts you seem to pick up right where you left off. Days pass without hearing from him again. You might get worried and send texts to make sure he’s okay, but you still don’t hear from him. Days or weeks may pass before he finally gets back to you and when he does the response is very nonchalant. He won’t seem concerned that you were worried about his well-being. He’ll tell you he’s been busy and ask how you are as if he hasn’t been MIA for ten days.

2. His texts are emotional