4 Signs You Are Cutting Your Man Too Much Slack

It’s not unusual for women to be bleeding hearts. Women are sensitive and don’t want others to feel bad, so they tend to take everything on themselves, including things that aren’t in any way their responsibility. It’s important for all women to expect men to act like men and not cut them slack when they should be stepping up. This article outlines 4 situations where you might be tempted to cut your boyfriend slack, but shouldn’t.

1.  He doesn’t help around the house

The worst thing you can do in a relationship with a man is shoulder all of the chores by yourself. Some women refuse to even let a man help because she thinks it makes her a better girlfriend or wife to do it all herself. That’s not true at all. When you teach a man that he never has to help out, even if he offers, he becomes used to this behavior and won’t offer anymore. If you do ask him to help out in the future, he’ll not be as eager as he once was do to so. He may even refuse to help altogether because over time you made it your job to let him off the hook.

2.  Blaming all of his exes for their break-ups

If your boyfriend has had multiple break-ups or divorces and you blame his exes for them all because of the stories he tells, you are probably in denial. You want to believe that your boyfriend is the greatest thing to come into your life, but you have to remember that he was half of every relationship. Does it seem possible that he kept getting mixed up with the wrong women until you came along? To believe that he was completely innocent is cutting him too much slack and giving you a false sense of how wonderful he is. No one is that perfect.

3.  You blame yourself for his cheating