4 Signs You Should Stop Expecting A Proposal

It’s natural for many women to begin expecting a proposal when they’ve been dating a man for a while. Unfortunately just the act of dating doesn’t mean a proposal is on its way. The way a man acts while you’re dating is a big indication of how he feels about you. These actions can help you determine if a proposal may be on the way. This article outlines four signs that you should stop expecting a proposal from your boyfriend.

1. He hasn’t introduced you to his family
If you’ve been dating a man for a while and he hasn’t introduced you to his family, there is little chance he is planning to propose. Men who are getting serious about a woman are eager to introduce her to his family. He is also willing to meet your family.

2. He doesn’t invite you to work events or parties
If you’ve been dating your boyfriend for at least a few months and he has an event such as a Christmas party for work coming up and doesn’t invite you, he may not be as serious about your relationship as you are. If he has work events, parties, or picnics and never invites you along, this is a sign that he’s not interested in bringing you deeper into his life.

3. He puts off moving in together
If you ask a man to move in too early and he says no, this is completely normal. Moving in too soon is a bad idea no matter how in love you are. If you’ve been dating him for a year or more and he still can’t decide if he wants to move in together, this is an obvious sign that he’s not quite sure about you yet and that means you should not expect a proposal.

4. He rarely (or never) introduces you as his girlfriend

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