4 Signs You’re Dating A Bad Boy

A bad boy is someone who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about his actions. Things will be his way or no way. A bad boy might seem appealing, but dating one is not fun. You might like the laid back personality and slight aversion to authority, but you won’t like being ignored, wondering what he’s thinking or feeling, or being treated as though you’re lucky to be in his presence. This article outlines four signs that you’re dating a real bad boy.

1. He pressures you when he wants something
Whether he pressures you for sex or to buy him something, this is the sign of a bad boy. He will not drop the subject until he gets what he wants. In more extreme cases, he may become physical. A man who respects you will not pressure you to get what he wants. A good man doesn’t make you feel bad or force things on you that you’re not ready for.

2. He is self-absorbed
If the man you’re dating is only interested in what’s happening to him, he’s late for dates, or he makes excuses for his bad behavior, your are involved with a bad boy. He basically only cares about himself. Other people, even the woman he’s dating, come afterward. He thinks that other people should deal with his actions because he’s worth it. A kind man will arrive on time for dates or at least call if he’s going to be late. He will ask about your day and let you know he’s interested in your life.

3. He controls you