4 Ways To Be His Coolest Girlfriend Ever

Being a great girlfriend isn’t about catering to your boyfriend’s every want and need. You don’t have to give up your identity and devote yourself to him. Being his coolest girlfriend ever is easier than you think. This article outlines four ideas to get you started.

1. Stop bombarding him with texts and phone calls
You might have very good reasons, in your mind, for texting him and calling him constantly, but if you want to gain cool girlfriend status, you need to back off a little. Most men are annoyed when they are texted constantly. If he hasn’t replied to your last text yet, leave him alone. Give him a chance to miss you a bit. Many women think that if they don’t text their boyfriend for a few hours, he’s going to forget her. He’s not going to forget you. Texting him less will make you more mysterious and make him want you even more.

2. Encourage boys’ nights out
Many women become anxious at the thought of her boyfriend spending an evening with his buddies, but if you trust your boyfriend, this should not be an issue. You don’t have to encourage him to get drunk and watch strippers. Boys’ nights are about them spending time together being men. They don’t have to worry about manners and being gentlemen. Be the cool girlfriend who doesn’t get on his case about boys’ night out.

3. Don’t be a nag
People don’t like to do things when they are constantly nagged about it. It doesn’t make the task any more enjoyable when he’s nagged into it. Try to remember that you are dating a grown man who knows what things have to be taken care of. If you want to give him a reminder, do it once and only once. While your boyfriend’s buddies are complaining about their girlfriends who nag and complain all the time, your boyfriend will get to brag about you.

4. Be confident
A woman who is constantly asking if she looks okay and if her boyfriend loves her makes a really annoying girlfriend. It’s normal to ask those questions now and then, but when you ask on a daily basis, you come off an an insecure woman. Confidence has to come from within yourself. You can’t base your opinion of yourself on what everyone else thinks. When you like yourself, others will like you as well.

You don’t have to change your personality in order to be a great girlfriend. You don’t have to cater to him and make his life as easy as possible. Those aren’t the traits that good men find attractive in a girlfriend.  by:  aprilaragam

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