4 Ways You Might Be Letting Your Boyfriend Have The Power In Your Relationship

We all hope that we’re in an equal relationship, but sometimes one person put much more into it than the other person. This article outlines four signs that you might be letting your boyfriend have too much power in your relationship.

You do things for him that he can do himself

You are dating a man, not a child. Many women, especially the younger ones, think that they have to prove to men they are good caregivers. Being a caregiver is not the job of a girlfriend. Your job is not to grab him beers and make him dinner and coffee. Your boyfriend’s job is definitely not to kick back and let you do things he can for himself. Doing things for each other now and then is sweet. By doing all the little things that he can do for himself, you are teaching him that he has someone else to handle those things. This is a bad precedent to set in a relationship because once it’s set, it’s hard to break.

You hold back opinions because they differ from his