4 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging A Good Relationship

No matter how good a relationship is and how much two people love each other, there are some things that can test the strength of any relationship. Everyone has a limit as to what they can handle and what they are willing to put up with. It’s important to realize that certain behaviors can be enough to ruin an otherwise good and stable relationship. These behaviors apply to both men and women.  If you want less stress in you life, don’t invite unnecessary drama into your relationship.

1. You’re extremely jealous
Extreme jealousy can quickly ruin a good relationship. Becoming jealous any time your partner looks at or speaks to someone of the opposite sex is extreme. You can’t expect your partner to avoid everyone. This kind of jealousy will make your partner feel as though you don’t trust him. Someone who isn’t doing anything wrong should never be made to feel as if they are.

2. You flirt with other people
If you flirt with other people regularly, you are at risk of ruining your relationship. There is nothing wrong with a little harmless flirtation now and again to remind yourself that other people besides your partner are into you. If you’re flirting with everyone you pass on the street and giving out your number to strangers who are interested in you, this is a big problem that will begin to fracture your relationship.

3. You stalk your partner’s exes