5 Dating Red Flags Men Need To Watch Out For

It’s very important to notice red flags when you’re dating someone new. Dating is the time in your relationship when you decide whether it’s a good idea to move forward or not. This article outlines 5 red flags that all men should be in the lookout for when dating someone new.

  1. She blames all her breakups on her exes

If the woman you are dating blames all of her breakups on her exes, this is a red flag. No one is perfect, and if she claims that she has never been at fault for her breakups, she may she herself as never making any mistakes. This kind of woman can be difficult to deal with because she always wants to be right. The fact that she is even talking with you about why all of her past relationships ended can be seen as a red flag, unless you actually asked for details about them.

  1. She is always available

If every time you text your girlfriend, she answers within seconds, this is a red flag. Why is she always answering so fast? A woman who always answers texts or phone calls right away appears to have nothing else going on in her life. A woman who doesn’t have her own hobbies, friends, or job may expect you to keep her entertained. If you want a woman who has a life outside of you, this should be seen as a warning sign.

  1. She gets suspicious if you don’t answer texts quickly enough

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