5 Essential Oils to Boost Your Sexual Energy

Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat illnesses and elevate mood. You can also use them to increase sexual desire and take your bedroom activities to a new level. Here are five excellent oils that can be used as aphrodisiacs.


Vanilla has been used to stimulate sexual feelings almost as long as it’s been used to flavor delicious baked goods.

Vanilla’s aphrodisiac qualities are scientifically proven. Neurologists at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago actually tested a group of men to determine which smells increased blood flow to the penis. The tests concluded that vanilla was the one scent that was sexually stimulating to most of the men.

Researchers aren’t sure what makes vanilla so sensual, but they think it might be because the scent of vanilla brings back the smell of comfort foods like homemade cookies and birthday cakes. This sense of warmth and happiness opens the door to sexuality.

Blend 3 drops of vanilla oil with 10 drops of a carrier oil like sweet almond oil and dab some on your neck. You can also sprinkle vanilla oil onto your bed or diffuse it in your bedroom.


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