5 Mistakes Women Make In a New Relationship

Starting a new relationship is never easy but there are certain things that some woman do that can hinder the development of a successful relationship. If you are doing any of the following, you might want to rethink your actions.

1.  Expecting him to chase you

In a romantic movie, this thinking would probably workout for you, but in real life not so much. First, the man you wish to date doesn’t really know you yet. He knows that he is attracted to you but not what you are truly about. He knows that he would like to get to know you better, but I doubt that he is willing to jump through hoops to do it. Second, good men don’t like playing games and want to date someone who doesn’t need to “test” them to satisfy some underlying need or their ego. The best way to ensure that you will be sitting home Saturday night is to continue to expect men to chase you.

2.  Expecting him to read your mind

Men who have been married for years have a hard time knowing what their wives are thinking or feeling. So how do you expect someone you just started dating to be able to read your moods or nonverbal expressions? Don’t dismiss someone offhand because they were not able to understand exactly what you wanted from the “look” you gave them. We all express and interpret things differently, so if you don’t want to be misunderstood, verbally express your wants or need. Your date will appreciate you even more for being able to communicate your thoughts and desires.

3.  Not being yourself

Of course you are going to put on your best face, everyone does when starting a new relationship. But if you pretend to be someone so different that your family and friends don’t even recognize you, that’s a problem. First, you are lying not only to the person you are dating, but yourself. Second, the real you will surface sooner or later and he may feel used or cheated because you are not what he expected. Do yourself a favor and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If he doesn’t like the real you than he is not the one for you. Find someone who can connect with who you really are.

4.  Not giving what you expect to get

You get what you give (for the most part). If you want respect, then you should give respect. If you want honesty, then don’t tell lies. If you want a good man, who will put forth effort and show he genuinely wants you then don’t play games with him. Too many women convince themselves that by not being open and honest they are protecting themselves from rejection so they put up walls to ensure that they will not get hurt. But they only succeed in driving good men away because a good man is looking for honesty and sincerity just like you are.

5.  Not trusting your instincts

So many women have wasted too much time on the wrong guy simply because they didn’t listen to their intuition. When you know someone isn’t right for you, don’t try to convince yourself otherwise. Just because your friend set you up or your Mom likes him, if that voice in your head is telling you he’s not the one, listen to it. Don’t ignore the red flags just to avoid having to move on, be alone, or please someone other than yourself. Even if the date went well but something in the back of your mind says something is wrong, LISTEN.

It’s better to end the relationship at the beginning stage when you are not emotionally attached then to wait and realize after dating for a while that he has serious issues.