5 Reasons For A Long Engagement

The average engagement lasts approximately a year. Everyone has their own reasons for choosing to have a long or short engagement. Neither is better than the other. This article outlines five good reasons to set a wedding date that might seem a bit distant.

1. You can finish school first
If you get engaged while one or both of you are still in college or trade school, this is a good reason for a long engagement. School and wedding planning are both stressful and time consuming, so waiting until you graduate to begin planning your wedding will take a lot of pressure off of you.

2. You can save more money
If you have very specific, and expensive, tastes that you want for your wedding, you may want to have a long engagement in order to save more money to get exactly what you dream of. This may also be a good decision if neither of your families can help you with the cost of the wedding. You don’t want to go into debt over one day, so having a longer engagement and saving up more money can be a great choice.

3. You’re in a long-distance relationship