5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Move In With Your Boyfriend

Moving in with your boyfriend is a big decision to make. It’s not the kind of decision you want to rush into just because you’re in love. This article outlines five reasons why moving in with your boyfriend right now might not be such a good idea.

1. He has never lived away from his parents
If your boyfriend has not lived away from his mother before, you should not move in together just yet. It’s very important for people to live away from their parents so they can see what supporting themselves is really like. If your boyfriend is used to his mother taking care of him, it’s likely he’ll expects you to take over when you move in together.

2. He can’t hold down a job
Moving in together means you’ll be splitting the bills right down the middle. If your boyfriend can’t hold down a job, it’s likely you’ll have to cover his expenses now and then. This is not a responsibility that you want to take on. If he can’t hold down a job, you should rethink moving in together. If you can’t keep a job, the same idea holds true.

3. You’ve only known him a few months
Moving in with someone you’ve been dating less than a year is not a good idea. You haven’t seen each other through all seasons and holidays. It might not seem like a big deal, but certain times of year are more stressful than others. You want to see how you will compromise on seeing families for holidays and other events that life presents.

4. He has jealousy issues

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