5 Red Flags Of A Loser You Can Spot On The First Date

A first date can be crucial to determining if a second date will happen. You don’t want to be overly critical on the first date, but you do want to be able to spot red flags. Here are five red flags that might indicate you’re on a date with a loser.

1. It’s obvious he lied about himself

If you met a man online and he claimed to be 6 foot one, but shows up and is well below the six foot mark and fifty pounds heavier than he claimed, you may have met a loser. People lie because they have things to hide. While you may find nothing wrong with the ways he looks, the fact that he lied tells a lot about his character.

2. He discusses all the disappointments in his life

If he talks about all of the disappointments in his life one after another, he might be a loser. Someone who has good things to talk about will generally choose to talk about those things rather than the bad. A loser is more likely to not only discuss all the problems of his life, but also have a laundry list of people that are to blame for his lack of success.

3. He gushes about how lucky he is you chose him