5 Relationship Tips That You Should NOT Follow

People tend to freely dish out relationship and daily advice. While the bulk of that advice is filled with good intentions, there are hard and fast rules in the game of love. If the relationship doesn’t resonate, then it’s going to be bad advice for you

Here, according to our experts, are five pieces of relationship advice that shouldn’t resonate—and that you definitely shouldn’t heed.

1. Spend your money however you want.

You may hear that after a shopping spree, you only need to share that information with your partner if you want to. That the purchases you keep to yourself won’t hurt them.

But keeping your spending a secret could lead to financial fights and your partner feeling blindsided. It undermines that you should be working together as a couple if you want to make it in the long term. That includes financial decisions.

Does this mean you can’t buy even a mocha frappe without their say so? No, of course not. We’re talking big purchases here, not you buying pieces for your Spring wardrobe this year.

2. “Don’t go to bed angry.”

This is something we’ve all heard at least once. But while this sounds great in theory, sometimes an argument or issue needs time to be resolved.

So rather than suppress the emotions, it can sometimes be better to get some sleep and regroup in the morning. Often, after some sleep, you can both approach the situation with a more level head.

3. You should always listen to his mother.

This advice probably comes straight from a potential mother-in-law, let’s be real. They want to know that they still have a place in their son’s life if you’re going to stick around for the long haul.