5 Signs The Man You’re Dating Is Insecure

Having a boyfriend who wants to be with you constantly and doesn’t want to share you with anyone else might seem flattering at first. It feels good to have someone want you that much especially if you’re not used to that sort of attention. Over time though these once-flattering behaviours might start to get a little more annoying. You no longer have time to yourself or with friends and family. Your boyfriend’s insecurities are now controlling your life. Here are five signs the man you’re dating is insecure.

1. He tells you he loves you really early on

An insecure man will tell you that he loves you very early on. He could do this on your first date or very soon after. It might be nice to hear, but you shouldn’t take it too seriously or say it back if you’re not feeling it. He probably doesn’t know if he loves you this early on, but as an insecure man he thinks it will keep you around. It takes time to get to know someone. If he pressures you into saying it back so early, this is a definite red flag.

2. He threatens to end your relationship a lot

An insecure man will threaten to break up with you a lot in order to validate your feelings for him. If you beg him not to leave, this will make him feel good. You may have told him recently how much he means to you, but if he’s feeling bad about himself for any reason, he will you use to bolster himself up again. If he doesn’t threaten to break up with you, he may insult himself a lot so that you disagree and build up his ego again.

3. He’s clingy

If your boyfriend is clingy, he is probably insecure. It’s one thing to want to spend time with you because he enjoys your company, but it’s quite another if his life has become devoted to you. If he once had friends he saw often and now he doesn’t so he can be with you, this is a sign of insecurity. A secure man will not fear that he will lose you if he spends time away from you. An insecure man will want to be with you all the time. It might seem romantic in the beginning of your relationship, but when you no longer have girls’ nights without him tagging along, it will be more irritating than sweet.

4. He accuses you of leading other men on

An insecure man might think that you are intentionally or non-intentionally leading other men on. You might dress too nicely and get looks from other people, which will make him uncomfortable. You might say hello to the make cashier and your insecure boyfriend will accuse you of flirting. If your boyfriend thinks you’re leading other men on, even when you aren’t, he is insecure.

5. He asks you to ditch your male friends

If your boyfriend wants you to drop all your male friend and acquaintances, he is insecure. He is convinced that one day you’ll be swept off your feet by a male friend. An insecure man will think that because he loves everything about you others will as well. It’s important that you don’t give in to these kind of demands because once you get rid of the male friends he may attempt to get female friends and even family member out of your life. Insecurity can cause some people to take drastic measures to ensure you remain with them.

Dating an insecure man might not seem too bad in the beginning. You may even enjoy the extra attention and devotion he has for you, but after a while you will see just how unhealthy this behaviour is. It’s one thing to love someone a lot and want to be with them, but it’s another when your life is turned upside down and controlled by his insecurities.

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