5 Signs You Are Acting Like An Unstable Girlfriend

Men are not complicated. They don’t thrive on drama and in-depth conversation throughout the day. Women who act in an unstable manner will scare most men away. The following are five ways in which you might be acting like an unstable woman.

1. You stalk your boyfriend’s exes

You’re curious about who your boyfriend dated before you, so you search of all his social media accounts for five-year-old pictures to figure out who he was dating. If you figure out her name and go snooping around her social media accounts as well, this is unstable behavior. It’s normal to be curious, but wrong to go snooping into not just his past, but her life as well.

2. You create drama on a daily basis

Do you claim that drama follows you everywhere? If all of your friends’ lives are full of drama that you get involved in, that’s a choice. If you bring this drama to your boyfriend by constantly telling him the story of everyone else’s drama and how you are dragged into it, or complain to him about all of the problems your friends are having, he is probably worried about all of the trouble that seems to follow you. If you make a big deal out of little things and act overly emotional instead of talking things through, you might be seen as an unstable girlfriend. Men don’t like drama.

3. You freak out about his lack of contact

Your boyfriend won’t always be available to answer calls or texts when you want him to. If you text him, don’t get furious and text him every five minutes until he finally replies. When he finally does check his texts, he will be less than impressed at your lack of patience and composure. You may also come off as emotionally unstable and dependent if you cannot be without him for stretches of time.

4. You love attention from other men

A woman who loves attention from other men is a red flag for men. This may be a sign you are lacking boundaries that a committed relationship requires. If you keep men around just in case your current relationship goes south, you may be dealing with mistrust or insecurities that you need to deal with. While light flirting here and there isn’t a big deal, if you constantly need reassurance that you’re smart and beautiful from men other than your boyfriend, this is something you should recognize and deal with.

5. You are delusional

Being delusional is a sign of instability that men prefer to avoid. If you are delusional, you look too deeply into situations and see things that aren’t there. If your boyfriend introduces you to his family, and you take this to mean he wants to marry you and make you part of his family, this is delusional. These leaps you take will scare most men away.

Acting like an unstable woman will not help you to keep a man. Most men prefer a women who is low-maintenance and respectful of not only his life, but her own. – aprilaragram