5 Signs You Should Rethink Your Man

It’s important to be able to spot red flags when you are dating someone new. As much as you may like someone, the facts of their life might be too hard to deal with for months and years to come. This article outlines five red flags you should take seriously if you’re considering a long-term relationship with a man.

1. He doesn’t stay in one place for very long
If your boyfriend is constantly moving, you have to consider that he might move away from you. Does he move for work or does he simply enjoy roaming from place to place when he feels like it? If he moves around for work, is this a life you can see yourself living? If he moves around for the thrill of it, can you realistically live that kind of life? Expecting a man who loves to travel to stay in one place for your relationship might not go as you plan. Some people have itchy feet.

2. He can’t hold down a job
If your boyfriend can’t hold down a job, this is a cause for concern. If you become more serious in the future, will you be willing to support the both of you if he is out of work for weeks or months at a time? This kind of situation might be too unstable and unpredictable for you. You do have to consider your future goals and dreams when choosing someone to spend your life with.

3. He goes through your things
Going through someone else’s personal things is a big no-no in a relationship. If your boyfriend has gone through your phone, laptop, or journal, this is a big red flag. It shows that he either doesn’t trust you or he is insecure about himself. It doesn’t matter what his reason for going through your things is because he has no right to snoop. If he continues to go through your things after you discuss the issue with him, you should consider if you’re willing to put up with that behavior long term.

4. He blames everyone else for his lack of success
If the man you’re dating constantly blames other people for his lack of success, this could be considered a red flag. People who blame others when things don’t go their way are hard to deal with. They will find any way possible to blame someone else for why they don’t have a better job, better house, or better vacation. Eventually he may start to blame you and this will cause major problems in your relationship.

5. He has multiple children with multiple women
If your boyfriend has a bunch of children with various women, this is not something to take lightly. Remember when considering your future with him that he will be paying child support for years to come. It’s even worse if he has been skipping out of paying his child support payments, in which case run away as fast as you can.  If your relationship becomes serious, his children will come and go and you’ll have to learn to deal with their mothers. It’s more difficult to handle than you might think. If you’re considering having a baby with him, you must think about whether you can handle being a single mother because he might not stick around. It’s common for women to think they will be the one he finally stays with, but is it worth the risk?

Dating is serious business when you’re looking for someone to spend your life with, so when you spot red flags, don’t ignore them.

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