5 Steps to Reinventing Yourself

If you are feeling bored or unsatisfied with your life, or finding that you envy others, then it may be time for a change. Reinventing yourself may sound like a huge life choice, or something only celebrities do, but reinvention does not have to be costly or time consuming. It is normal to feel stuck and unmotivated sometimes. However, if you make conscious decisions to steer your life in a better direction every day, you will find yourself happier and more genuine than ever before.

1) Decide who you want to be

You feel unhappy, but why? Do you not look the way you would like, are you too shy or too loud, or are you frustrated by old habits? Spend some time listening to your own thoughts as you go about your daily business and identify what parts of yourself you would like to change. Then, spend some time researching who you want to be. Watch movies, follow celebrities, spend more time with friends. Why do you admire these people? Make a list of traits you would like to incorporate into your lifestyle.

2) Find motivation

A mood board is a fantastic way to keep motivated, and will keep your goals visible. Fill your mood board with motivational sayings and pictures and put it where you can see it each day. Identify points in your life when you felt really proud of yourself, and revisit those memories every day to motivate you to create that pride again. You can also remember negative feelings and promise you will never feel like that again — but be careful not to get stuck in a pattern of negative thinking.

3) Plan how to get there