5 Technology Habits That Could Be Killing Your Relationship

Technology has led to great advancements in all areas of our lives. It helps us in our work and helps us to connect more easily to the world. Unfortunately technology also has the ability to distract us from the things and people that are important to our real lives. Here are five ways that technology may be interfering with, and killing, your relationship.

1. You check your phone at every notification
Having your sound notifications on for every app you use is going to keep you distracted. When you’re having a conversation, watching a movie on the couch, or dining out with your spouse, these sound notifications take your attention away from what you should be focused on and potentially make your partner feel less important. You don’t need to be alerted to everything happening on your phone the second it happens. Turn off sound notifications and check updates when you’re not involved in something important, such as quality time with your loved one.

2. You flirt with strangers via text
Flirting with people online might seem like a harmless, victimless way to get attention; but the truth is that it can hurt your relationship in a number of ways. Spending your time being intimate with someone who means nothing to you is time better spent being intimate with your spouse. If you are flirting online with strangers because you’re lacking something in your relationship, you should discuss those issues with your partner. If you are being emotionally and physically satisfied by someone online, you may not feel as much urgency to fix things with your spouse.

3. You spend hours a day playing video games