5 Ways to Be a Better Wife without Compromising Your Dignity

Who doesn’t want a satisfying home life? When relationships are tough, coming home feels worse than enduring Monday morning rush-hour traffic. Did you know that you can improve your life by improving your relationships?

Even if your home life is pleasant, you can still improve your relationship with your husband, but many women worry that pleasing their husbands means acquiescing to unreasonable demands. Since there are simple, dignified ways to alter your behavior, this fear may be unfounded.

There is a fine line between pleasing men and becoming a doormat. Crossing that line could lead to psychological or physical abuse. In no way does this advice advocate staying in an abusive relationship. With that caution in mind, here are five ways you can be a better wife without sacrificing your independence.

1. Practice being silent. On average, a woman uses 13,000 more words per day than a man does. Most men want to spend time with their wives but are turned off by the constant chatter. Therefore, try companionship without conversation. You can practice this skill in the car, in front of the television, or as you prepare an evening meal together. Just make sure not to confuse quiet companionship with the silent treatment.

Begin with five minutes of silence and steadily increase the time. Don’t read or surf the Internet while you visit with your man. Be in the moment with him. The experience is not unlike meditation. You will find that both you and your husband relax during this time, and oddly enough, companionable silence strengthens relationships almost as much as communication.

2. Communicate with him. Sometimes women hide things from their husbands without any nefarious intent. They may be embarrassed about something simple, like losing a piece of jewelry, or they may be avoiding an important conversation. Regardless of the reason, hiding something from your husband is a form of keeping secrets.